The United Worlds Council has finally defeated the vestiges of the Imperial Remnant. The Belter Revolt has been quashed, the Centauri War is finished, and the Core Systems have been pacified.

Unfortunately, the UWC also means more government interference, soul-crushing bureaucracy, and general interference in the lives on independent-minded individuals. The Council does not take opposition to “enlightenment” lightly.

There are still places in known space that are far from pacified, however. The old Imperial Far Quadrant, for example, was never really fully conquered, even under the days of the Terran Empire. Here, petty star kingdoms, industrial conglomerates, independent mining operations, and a spirit of adventure live on.

The quadrant has seen a boom in interest in recent years, with several new wormholes having been discovered as of late. In the midst of all this sits Station Xerxes—an independent space station squarely in the midst of multiple powers and interests, all of whom would love to have a slice of its control.

But Xerxes is under new ownership, and has plenty of problems all its own—run-down facilities, desperately needed upgrades, absurd understaffing, and more than a few denizens that would like to avoid any UWC detection.

Station Xerxes just might be the gateway to some of the last free places in human space. How long it stays that way will be up to the abilities of the station’s crew, and how long they can withstand the tempest surrounding them.

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Station Xerxes